New Detention Policy

I wanted to inform you about the new detention policy starting Monday, February 5th:
“A detention is earned based on individual teacher classroom policies as well as determined per the New Branches Student Code of Conduct.  For example, students who choose not to follow instructions in the classroom, disrupt the learning environment or violate the Student Code of Conduct may earn a detention.Goal of detention:

The goal of detention is to provide an opportunity for students to reflect on recent behavior and make improvements in the classroom.


In the event of a student earning a lunch/recess detention, the student will have an opportunity to reflect on his/her behavior during lunch and/ or recess.  During this time, the student will complete an assignment given and bring it home for the parent/guardian to sign and return the next day.  If the assignment is not turned in the next day, the student will receive a call home informing of the detention and the given assignment.

Expectations for behavior during lunch/ recess detention:

  1. Sit quietly (talking or creating any other noises that disrupt the environment may result in additional detentions/ community service (i.e. cleaning cafeteria, sweeping etc.), parent meeting, and/or out of school suspension).
  2. Complete assignment in the time given (the assignment will be a written self-reflection sheet that focuses on character traits).  The assignment will be taken home for a parent/guardian to sign and returned to the classroom teacher the next day.

Consequences multiple detentions:

Students who earn multiple detentions in a short period of time are not taking their education seriously.  For students who earn multiple detentions (2-3 per week), a parent meeting will be required to create a plan with the student to improve behaviors in the classroom.  If behaviors do not improve, after school detention or Saturday school with required parent attendance may need to be added.”

This new policy will help to communicate to parents about the reason for the student’s detention. Please let me know if you have any questions. Students will come home with a form explaining the new policy for you to review and sign with them.